Go computer loses Prof.

Go computer loses Prof.

Tech November 25, 2016 09:15

- The man is still able to win the computer. A professional Go player from South Korea, Cho Chikun, has won a match against the computer DeepZenGo. Play was 2-1.

DeepZenGo was created by the University of Tokyo. He uses 'deep learning' to understand the game. ' I felt like I played against a person because DeepZenGo strong and weak '' has spots, Cho said after the last match against Japanese media. According to the maker DeepZenGo ' heavily defeated ', but to restore it.

Earlier this year, the Google Computer AlphaGo played five games against world champion Lee Sedol, who comes from South Korea. The computer won 4-1.

Go is a board game with 361 playing fields with almost infinite possibilities to convert. A computer is then difficult to program. The victories of AlphaGo were also surprising.

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