Glutton Chestnut operates 188 'wings' away

Glutton Chestnut operates 188 'wings' away

World September 5, 2016 15:12

buffalo - Joey Chestnut has once again proven to be Wolverine. The 32-year-old Californian, professional schranser and world record holder in various disciplines, stuffed in the American championship in Buffalo in twelve minutes 188 chicken wings inside. There were eleven more than the Gideon born in Nigeria Oji got past his uvula.

Almost,, it came on the last chicken wing with '' exulted the proud presenter George Shea Monday in the local newspaper Buffalo News. Chestnut, nicknamed 'Jaws' was anything but a shiny cup also $ 2,500 for his efforts. He told me nervous to have been despite his record but praised in an effort by his formidable technique,, '' of bite-swallow-gone.

The defending champion, who is not to abandon the appetite, gorge on a small three-kilo wings.,, The victory was tighter than expected, but fortunately succeeded, '' said the winner, also particularly good at 'hot dogs. His preparation was simple.,, A day long just drinking to get a healthy appetite. ''
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