Give your old iPhone to your children

Give your old iPhone to your children

Tech June 30, 2016 10:12

- It's actually a shame to get rid of that old iPhone when you buy a new one. If you just have a few adjustments to make, you can give it to your children. You make them happy with it and are right forget about them...

We know exactly how it works. Apple has once again released a new version of the iPhone, and well, then you obviously can continue with the old iPhone you already have used a whole year. Just a abonnementje search where you get that new iPhone to get and you can get a year forward. But what do you do with that old iPhone? For you it might eenoud bitch, but for kids it would be great to be able to with your cast-off started.

There are some things you should keep any note before the iPhone passes on to the next generation. After all is you do not wait for them to walk suddenly go call and all will consume your MBs. Is not necessary. With a few simple steps you ensure that your children have a remarkable multimedia device where you no more have to worry anymore.
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It is not convenient to your old iPhone you own Apple ID to open. If you like this fact did not well enough protected, your kids can go totally in the App Store, where you get stuck with the bill. Therefore, just make as an ID for your children, what they probably once again find quite tough. Also want to use handy if you Find Your iPhone, so you instantly know where your children are. \x3d 'Https: gt;

Actually, this is obviously something that you've done already, but just in case: make sure your kids iPhone is protected by a PIN. The point is that you are guaranteed to children who are going to lose iPhone again, how carefully they cope well with this. You do not see that a stranger (or worse, you know) is walking around sniffing at your child's iPhone. If you create the code, let your child choose a code he or she can memorize well, and write it somewhere on themselves.


Ensure proper PIN that your child can easily remember.

You can of course choose your children may use your old iPhone to flaps along, playing games, watching movies and listening to music. It's just sometimes convenient to reach by phone your children when they are gone once on stage and they did not come in time for dinner at home. Just about every service provider does have a child-friendly subscription which your children can reach you, but not all can go wild with the preparation of minutes and the like. It gives a sense of security and therefore does not have to cost. \x3d 'Http: gt;

If you want your child can use your apps and music, it is useful to create a Family Sharing account. Everyone in your family that this is connected may include enjoying all purchases, without that things have to be transferred. This way, you also have more control over what your kids are all up on their iPhone. For more information about Family Sharing we please go to this article.

The App Store is full of apps completely. There's also of course a huge number of games in. Your kids will imagine themselves as in a candy store, but beware. Many of the games that you find in the App Store are freemium games. This means that you can play for free, but that you really enjoy as you do additional payments.

Games like Angry Birds Action are also fun for mom or dad.

Since you have the option to put make purchases in app probably on the iPhone of your child (if not, do it right!), This only leads to frustration and discussions. Therefore, just take a moment to watch with your kids that are really fun games to be found there. Through Family Sharing you could even buy some games with no in app purchases to be made. There are plenty to be found in the App Store, also in the department of educational programs.

What child would not want such a panda-case?

They do not really on purpose, but the chances are that your children their iPhone is going to bounce a few times. Then it is most useful if there is a strong case for the iPhone is so you do not have to worry that this once will go wrong and breaks. There are plenty of beautiful covers to find where a lot of cool designs in between which undoubtedly loves! Youth.

To surf the Internet and you'll undoubtedly come at a store where these cases are also another find at a nice price. And if you're at it, buy one screen protector in order scratches have no chance.

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