Giselle (19) sells virginity for 2.5 million euros

World November 16, 2017 19:24

- The 19-year-old Giselle has sold her virginity for 2.5 million euros to a businessman. He defeated a Hollywood star and a Russian politician who, according to the American woman, were also in the running. 'This is a dream that is fulfilled.'

On the website Cinderella Escorts, where you could bid on the virginity of Giselle, she tells that she did not expect that so much would be offered. 'I intend to pay my studies with the money and travel. '

Giselle was criticized for her action. However, she does not like that much. 'I think this new trend to sell your virginity is a form of emancipation and I do not understand why people can be against it,' she explains. 'Besides, if I choose to live my first time with someone who is not my first love, then that is my own business. '

In Germany, a hotel room would already have been booked to complete the transaction. Security officers from Cinderella Escorts will accompany her. The American can cancel the deal at any time.

Previously, Cinderella Escorts also sold the virginity of a Romanian model (18) to a businessman from Hong Kong for 2.3 million euros. The German company would raise 20% of the final price per auction.

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