Girlfriend Massacre Stephen Paddock arrives in USA

Girlfriend Massacre Stephen Paddock arrives in USA

World October 9, 2017 00:09

manila - The shooter's girlfriend who launched a massacre in Las Vegas arrived in the United States on Tuesday night. The 62-year-old Marilou Danley arrived at Los Angeles Airport. She came from the Philippines.

Danley would have matched her return to the US with the FBI police service, who immediately heard the woman. She says, according to an anonymous source, that she has nothing to do with the bloody shooting game. The federal police chiefly hopes to get clarity on the motive of shooter Stephen Paddock.

Researchers, according to a top secretary of the Department of Internal Security, would like to know if Paddock encouraged his girlfriend to leave the US before commencing his murder party. The woman previously shared the property of the 64-year-old shooter in Mesquite, but was not considered suspicious.

Researchers also seek clarification about the $ 100,000 (nearly 85,000 euros) that Stephen Paddock handed over to the Philippines. The official said the money was deposited on a bill, "which seemed to be" for Danley, who describes himself on social media as "casino professional".

The Las Vegas police have made it clear that Paddock is the only suspect of the shooting, involving 58 people. The authorities earlier spoke of 59 deaths, but later clarified that it involved 58 deceased victims and the shooter.

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