Girl born with two heads

Girl born with two heads

World November 12, 2015 18:00

brahmanbaria - In the hospital of the Congolese Brahmanbaria on Wednesday a girl born with two heads. Research has shown that the baby has only one set of organs.

The girl's father was shocked when he saw her for the first time, as he told news agency AFP : " It has two fully developed heads. She eats with two mouths and breathe through two noses. Yet I thank God that she and her mother are doing well. "

The latter is not entirely true. Because the baby suffers from breathing difficulties, she was transferred Thursday to a hospital in the capital Dhaka. There she is in intensive care.

The father, meanwhile, is worried about the high cost of caring for the girl : " I think it's sad for her. She's a poor man as a father. I do not even have enough money to care for her mother. "

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