Girl (9) suddenly trace after wedding, search for rope

Girl (9) suddenly trace after wedding, search for rope

World August 31, 2017 13:00

pont - The French police arrested a man on Thursday suspected of involvement in the disappearance of the nine-year-old Maëlys de Araujo.

The girl disappeared from a bedroom on a Sunday night at a wedding in Point-de-Beauvoisin. Since then, the police are looking for the girl with man and power. It is taken seriously into account of abduction or murder.

The disappearance holds France intact. Almost all the media are constantly posting.

The suspect was not a guest at the party, according to RTL France. He has been heard by the police before, but should then go. Now it appears that his statements about Saturday are not consistent. The man is a police officer. He denies any involvement.

In recent days, the police have already heard a large number of 250 guests as witnesses.

The house where Maëlys sleeps is in a wooded area. Gendarmes have chopped out the forests, but without any results. A local river has also been searched. In addition, houses and cars were searched.

Pont-de-Beauvoison is located near cities like Chambery and Lyon.

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