Girl (19) dead because doctors stopped

World November 17, 2017 17:27

puttur taluk - In a southern state of India the doctors have been stabbing for three days, and that has now resulted in a fatal victim. A girl named Puja (19) died according to Indian media because she could not reach a doctor.

The student had a chronic kidney disease. Her health has deteriorated rapidly on Friday. She could not find doctors because doctors from private hospitals have been stopping in the state of Karnataka for three days. No local hospital could help her, India Today writes, although doctors normally make an exception for emergencies.

The doctors clashed with a law stating that private hospitals could be held liable for medical negligence.

On Thursday, the court ruled that all physicians have to pick up their work again, to fulfill their 'duty to society'. Some doctors have gone back to work in the town of Mangalore. That city is more than two hours away from Puttur Taluk, where Puja lived.

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