Gift for Merkel: Bus full of refugees

Gift for Merkel: Bus full of refugees

World January 14, 2016 19:28

berlin - Angela Merkel will Thursday literally a bus full of Syrian refugees present. The chancellor had not asked for, but a Bavarian driver was the problem was so that he 31 asylum seekers directly in front of the Federal Chancellery sales.

         As early as October, county director Peter Dreier threatened his provocation. He called personally to Merkel's office: If he would get no more help for the reception, he would bring the refugees to come personally.
'If Germany recording a million refugees, I get in my region, according to statistics 1800. That I take on. The rest I send to Berlin, 'said Dreier, a politician of the independent' Freie Wähler. 'I do this action because I feel that society and public safety is at risk. '
Today was the day. 'K want to give a signal. We need the citizens' concerns seriously ', as Dreier expresses his action. 'Lle seekers knew of the plan and agree. 'In Berlin, they can find another place.
The Bavarian Prime Minister Seehofer finds the provocation is a good idea. Obviously, because as the president of the conservative ruling party CSU Seehofer wants to 200. 000 asylum seekers in Germany like. The southern German state of Bavaria wants to sue the Federal Republic to the Supreme Court because the German borders are not properly protected.

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