Giant robot spin on church

Giant robot spin on church

World August 2, 2017 13:54

- A great robot spin on the Notre Dame of Montreal has caused much fuss to Catholics. They found the demonic and holy knowledge that this spider was placed on their church. Archbishop Terrence Prendergas, who gave permission for the placement, expected some criticism, but not so much.

The robot spin was part of an art show where a robot spin and a robot dragon would walk through Canada and eventually meet each other. The two would interact with traffic lights and buildings.

Last year, the cathedral was approached with the question whether Kumo, the 40-tonne robot spin, could be placed. That could. The Archbishop had not expected so much comment. 'For the people who are shocked. I understand that it can be confusing and I regret that this gesture to join this party meant something different to you, 'he told Canadian Catholic News.

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