'Germany wants to sue Zuckerberg '

'Germany wants to sue Zuckerberg '

Tech November 4, 2016 20:06

- Mark Zuckerberg is possible in Germany accused of Ballyhoo. The prosecutor of Munich plans to the CEO of Facebook, Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and lobbyists, Richard Allan, Eva-Maria Kirsch Ypres company to court challenge, reports the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

Facebook is mandatory in Germany to remove illegal messages once about hears directly from his site. A lawyer from W├╝rzburg, however, complained that showed that the social network even after repeated calls not delete certain messages. These included murder calls, threats of violence and denial of the Holocaust.

Facebook is in Germany for some time under fire. An earlier complaint against Zuckerberg, however, Sandberg and other top managers of the company continued early this year without consequences. The accused were located ie beyond the reach of the German case, the judge ruled. An investigation was also opened by a German representative of Facebook.

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