German treasury benefits from price bitcoin

World December 17, 2017 10:42

frankfurt - Justice in Germany sells confiscated bitcoins related to drug trafficking. Instead of the nearly 50,000 euros that the electronic money was worth in 2014 when it was confiscated, the bitcoins are now worth 1.9 million euros. Cash register for the government.

The price of the bitcoin has increased so much lately that justice now has a big windfall, according to a spokesman on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service in Frankfurt. The conscious bitcoins were used in the trade in drugs on the so-called darknet, on the Hydra and Silkroad platforms.

According to justice, the government did not consciously speculate with the bitcoins. They had to wait a long time before the papers were ready for sale and in the meantime the price kept rising. Now that the paperwork has been completed, the bitcoins are sold as quickly as possible.

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