German top footballers campaign for Erdogan

German top footballers campaign for Erdogan

World May 15, 2018 09:42

berlin - At the only possible moment, two footballers from the German national team have expressed their political support for the Turkish president Erdogan. The open flatter falls badly in Germany.

Mesut Özil (29) and Ilkay Gündogan (27), two midfielders from Arsenal and Manchester City, have Turkish roots but now play for the German national team. The two top players made a bad impression, just before the selection of Germany to be announced, to pose with Erdogan prior to a dinner. Gundogan had written nice words for the president on his shirt.

According to German media, the action is torturing: football players must keep politics and sport separate. Moreover, the case around Deniz Yücel is still fresh in the memory. The correspondent of Die Welt was held for a year because of 'the propaganda of a terrorist organization'.

Many German prominents speak out against the action. Chairman Reinhard Grindel of the German Football Association also condemned the choice of Özil and Gündogan. 'It's not good that our players are being misused for a campaign,' Grindel said.

According to team manager Oliver Bierhoff of the German team there will be a meeting. 'They have underestimated the impact of these photos,' says former international.

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