German intelligence chief fears children from IS

World December 3, 2017 08:33

berlin - The chief of the German intelligence service, Hans-Georg Maassen, is afraid that brainwashed children will come to Germany now that the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) has lost virtually all its territory in the Middle East.

Maassen said in an interview with the German news agency DPA that there are 'children who have been brainwashed in 'schools' of IS and highly radicalized. '

'So you can certainly also call jihadists. This poses problems for the German internal security service, because these children and young people can be very dangerous. '

The great return journey of jihadists has not yet begun, but according to Maassen it is plausible that they send their wives and children back first. The women of jihadists have also been radicalized in the Middle East and must also be watched when they come back.

In recent years, an estimated 950 jihadists have traveled from Germany to the IS area, about a fifth of them are or were women.

As far as we know, the services already observe about seven hundred people in Germany who are considered capable of committing an attack.

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