German agent reads alarm

German agent reads alarm

World November 3, 2015 10:45

berlin - The German police daily influx of some ten thousand refugees can not take it anymore and sounding the alarm. "This is our biggest challenge since World War II," says union boss Rainer Wendt

"We love this not last long. Otherwise we lose control completely, "says the policeman in Berlin. Therefore the cut must as it shut. With his sensational proposal he shook our eastern neighbors brutally awake. Rainer Wendt was furious with Austria, that the refugees just doorsmokkelt : " It is illegal and it annoys us because Austria is a safe country. According to the Dublin rules seekers should stay there. And we need those people now fly back at our expense to the Balkans or Bangladesh. " Read more:- " Those who are not allowed to stay, get away immediately '

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