Gemini (3) locked in small box so that parents can start working

Gemini (3) locked in small box so that parents can start working

World July 13, 2018 13:57

aparecidinha - The police recently made a terrible discovery in a house in the Brazilian Aparecidinha. After an anonymous tip they found two 3-year-old brothers in a small wooden box. Their parents had locked them in there so they could work.

According to the local police, the children had no toys, pillows or blankets in the wooden box. Moreover, they were separated by a panel so that they could not touch each other. The box was locked from the outside with a chain and a padlock.

'The parents, both farmers, stated that they locked up the boys so that they could do their work in-house and in the field,' says police commissioner Sonimarcos. 'But the space was really small and they could not even see or touch each other. '

The father (40 and mother (37) were arrested on suspicion of child abuse, but were allowed to return home after making statements, it is not clear if they were also accused.

The two children have meanwhile been taken to a shelter. They are doing well according to official authorities.

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