Gay Pride Singapore is a foreigner

Gay Pride Singapore is a foreigner

World May 15, 2017 17:33

singapore - Foreign visitors are happy to stay away from the Gay Pride in Singapore this summer. That's what organizers of the Pink Dot event say, 'have no choice' because of a change of laws.

Foreigners may not participate in such events in the city state. That rule is not new, but before, foreigners could use a legal trick to go anyway. By looking alone, they remained within the limits of the law.

The authorities have now adapted the rules to prevent foreigners from interfering with domestic issues. Therefore, the distinction between 'participants' and 'spectators' has come to an end, 'Pink Dot's organizers wrote on Facebook. They want to prevent visitors, or themselves, to be hit in the buoys.

The 'foreign friends' do not have to miss anything from the event on July 1st. The organization promised Monday to stream everything through social media.

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