Garage owner gets addicted homeless from the street

Garage owner gets addicted homeless from the street

World January 24, 2018 15:30

- Day in, day out, Shezad Zaman saw the same homeless man walk past his garage. Until he could no longer see it. He offered the 23-year-old Kriss Wilkes, who was addicted to drugs and had to beg for his money, a job.

'At the end of my working day, I always saw Kriss walking by. He begged for money at the traffic light. 'One day, Shezad walked out of the homeless in her twenties and said,' You're coming from here, right? This does not have to be your life. Come work for me! '

Kriss agreed and during a two-week trial period in the garage, he showed that he can work hard. Shezad even arranged a room for Kriss in the home of his own son. In the meantime, in their own words, the twenties are 'clean'.

'I wanted to offer him a different life', let the merciful garage owner know about Birmingham Mail. Kriss is very grateful to him for that opportunity. 'It's okay with me,' he says. 'When my father died, it went downhill in my life. 'I was just there, at the traffic light. Until my big friend Shazad reached out to me with a helping hand. 'He now has a roof over his head, a part time job and clean clothes. He sees the future in a sunny way.

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