Fukushima Explosion What You Do Not Know

Fukushima Explosion What You Do Not Know

World December 27, 2016 18:39

amsterdam - Tepco, operator of the exploded nuclear power plants in Fukushima, investors will again willing to lend to the Japanese company.

Because of the damage, the radiation hazard billion and claims of companies and survivors at the Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) investors remained for years on the sidelines.

Tepco was rescued by the state. It was mid-year in size still the fourth largest energy company in the world, behind E.ON, EDF and RWE. The Japanese conglomerate in energy with a turnover of approximately € 50 billion one-third of Japanese energy in hands.

Probably in March 2017 the first bond of Tepco in the market. Before the Japanese to pay a risk premium of one percentage point above that of Japanese government bonds.

Investors are ready and dare to step in again, according to Thomson Reuters data collector also because the Japanese government compensation would extend to relatives of the victims.

We are waiting for the formal commitment of the Japanese government to come to the guarantee for the damages. In recent years it went to almost € 2.5 billion in bonds that would be offered.

Tepco was founded in 1951, in 1971 it began its first reactor in Fukushima Daiichi, and expanded that number since. In June 2007 Tepco had to close a plant because of major problems. In March 2011 tsunami followed the Sendai coast.

The earthquake and flooding hit the cooling of the nuclear power plant Fukushima I. Since then Tepco aid was to prevent the power company from a fall and decreased value of the shares.

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