Friends share the same picture every five years

World December 27, 2017 20:09

copco lake - Five American friends go back every five years to the place where they took a photo in 1982. The quintet now owns eight photographs. It shows how the close-knit group has changed over time.

The first photo was made at the Copco lake in the state of California. The Americans, who were 19 years old at the time, were on holiday in the village. The grandfather of one of them had built a holiday home. The men decided to go back every five years, and each time they sat down on the same bench- in the same order.

Every time, John Molony keeps a jar up. The first time there was a cockroach in it, but every five years it became another memento. This year there was a photo of presenter Matt Lauer of the Today Show. The friends were in the show in 2012 because of their photo series.

In an interview with BBC, one of the men, John Dickson, says that a lot has changed. 'If you look closely, you will see the wedding rings come and go. But our friendship was a constant. That remained. Thanks to the photo we take every five years. '

The five are planning to continue taking pictures, the rest of their lives. 'Until only one of us remains. And even afterwards we might find someone who wants to photograph the empty couch for us. '

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