Friends keep missing mountaineer hope

World June 6, 2016 21:12

kathmandu -

Wilson hit on May 15 went missing during his climb of the Nepalese mountain Dhaulagiri. Felix, one of the three friends traveling to Nepal, still holds hope for a good outcome. 'Christian is a very experienced mountaineer. He is a physiotherapist knows the human body inside out, 'says Felix. 'If anyone should be able to survive in these conditions, it's him. '

Ruben van Duin and Paul van der Laan, two experienced mountaineers and also friends of Wilson, traveled already off to Nepal. 'They have been around for over a week and together with a technical team to track down the mountain,' Plaisier continues. 'We find in the vicinity of the mountain for clues. At police stations and hospitals. '
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On the Facebook page and the website christiaan Wilson. en continue to pour the tips. 'We have many indications of experienced mountaineers on possible scenarios. 'According Plaisier keep the search team note that Wilson when crossing a glacier's difficulties and has sought a mountain crevice to hide. 'We are trying to deploy drones to check this mountain crevices. '

Stay at home Sander Kwantes is one of the forces in the background that take care of the crowdfunding campaign behind the search. 'An Israeli mountain climber with a private IT company feel so involved in the disappearance of Christian that he supports us financially. Also, we are very happy. '

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