Frenchman 'traumatized' after finding python in toilet

World January 16, 2018 14:03

grenoble - For a 53-year-old man from the French town of Grenoble, going to the bathroom will never be the same again. The Frenchman had to pee past Saturday, but when he opened the door of the toilet, he saw the head of a python sticking out of the pot.

'It was scary. I jumped out of the air. Fortunately I am not bitten. He would have been able to bite me very well in a sensitive place if you know what I mean ', says the French-speaking traumatized Frenchman Tuesday against French media.

The man slammed the door shut and then asked himself if he had actually seen a snake. His curiosity won it from his fear and he decided to look again. He found a python of 1 meter 50. The snake had already crawled out of the toilet.

The Frenchman alerted the fire brigade, on which a special team issued to catch the reptile. The python was taken to a veterinary clinic in a suburb of Grenoble, where he eventually died. Presumably, a descaling agent became fatal to the animal.

The animal appeared to have escaped from an apartment of the apartment building where the man lives. Incidentally, the owner of the animal denies that it is her snake. The woman was shown a picture of the reptile for confirmation and told her snake not to recognize it. There are no doubts about the residents of the building: 'No one else has no python at home,' says one of them.

The startled Frenchman is still recovering. 'I'm not going to the toilet in the same way anymore. I open the door first and turn on the light to scan the bowl from afar to check if there is anything in it. I was also afraid that my partner did not want to return to our apartment. '

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