French media boycott picture jihadi

French media boycott picture jihadi

World July 28, 2016 11:45

- A large part of the French media has stopped publishing photos and videos of terrorists. Major media companies such as the Le Monde newspaper and news channel BFMTV so decide to prevent criminals are worshiped after their attack. The largest newspaper in the country, Le Parisien, shows one of the few large French media still images of terrorists.

Le Monde says in the commentary no longer contribute to spreading 'propaganda' of terrorist groups. Also on the channel BFMTV no images will see more of his attackers. 'We think here a while about it. After Nice, everything gained momentum. We do not think we ensure that by jihadists of their action waiver. That would be too simple. '

France were the last place many attacks. Most victims died in Paris in Nice. The last attack was perpetrated Tuesday in a church in Normandy. After 'Nice' state of emergency was extended in France for three months.
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On the website Change. org has placed a petition calling for media silence over the identity of terrorists.

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