'French McCann' on camera

World November 30, 2017 22:21

paris - The 9-year-old Maëlys, who has been missing for three months, seems to be sitting in the car of a suspect on camera images. Despite the discovery, it is highly uncertain whether it will ever be recovered.

The ex-military (34), who is the main suspect, was filmed several times on the night when the girl disappeared. On one of the images a girl can be seen in a white dress. Her face is not visible, but it is logical that Maëlys is involved. She also had such a dress and the images were made at 800 meters from the wedding room in the French Alps, where her parents attended a wedding, and where the main suspect was present.

Previously Maëlys' DNA was found in the same car. Whether the camera images can force a breakthrough is very questionable. The suspect has been in sight for some time, but Maëlys is still missing, despite large-scale searches. Her disappearance is often compared with that of Maddie McCann.

The suspect always seems to give evasive answers to justice. So he washed his car the next day 'because he wanted to put it for sale'. He also had scratches on the arms and legs, according to him of 'working in the garden'. After the new camera images he again gave no shrinkage. After the DNA discovery, he stated that Maëlys 'crawled into a trunk with a friend' to find a dog.

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