French elect parliament after president

French elect parliament after president

World June 11, 2017 06:12

paris - Almost one month after Emmanuel Macron has been appointed president of France, the French in two rounds elect a new parliament. Sunday is the first round. In every district where nobody gets more than half of the votes, 18 June will take another round. Any candidate who wins at least 12.5 percent of the votes on Sunday may participate again on 18 June and then the candidate wins the most votes.

Macron wants to pull the country economically. He wants to get rid of many of his old-age relationships between social partners. In order to pursue effective economic policy, he needs a majority in the French Lower House of 577 seats. Macrons set in 2016 La République and Marche (LRM) has no seat yet.

But according to opinion polls it changes Sunday and a week later. LRM would offset a large majority, according to opinion polls. This is partly because Macron has already made a good impression on many voters in the first weeks of his presidency.

The biggest loser is expected to be the Party Socialist who would hold about twenty of the more than 270 seats. According to the polls, the Front National of Marine Le Pen can count on no more than fifteen seats, the party now has two. The second party is expected to be the center right Les Républicains with more than 100 seats.

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