French bulldog dumped

World December 26, 2017 13:54

london - Asylum in England is overwhelmed with French bulldogs and pug dogs whose owner can no longer pay the vet's bill.

The dog that became especially popular with David Beckham and Madonna, has been bred so far that they are faced with enormous health problems, writes The Telegraph.

British vets warn that more and more of these much sought purebred dogs deformed at birth into the world.

Because they are maximally wrinkled and 'cute' bred, the animals get big problems with breathing.

Alice Christie, spokesperson for the Battersea Dogs Home, who annually reinstates 7,000 animals, says to the newspaper: 'You have to imagine that YOU have to breathe through a straw. Their airways have become so narrow '.

The Game of Thrones series has also made the huskies and sled dogs (Malamute) too popular among private individuals. These animals are often quickly discarded because you can not leave them alone and have to walk with them for a long time. Only 74 of these dogs have already been returned to Battersea.

The shelter has been campaigning for years under the motto: 'a dog is for life, not just for Christmas'. There is especially a peak around March when the owner of the 'celeb-dog' has already given up. Usually, then, it is okay to make spontaneous Christmas presentations.

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