Free mobile calls new standard

Free mobile calls new standard

Tech November 24, 2015 11:00

amsterdam - The market for small consumers in mobile telephony has a new standard. As of Tuesday, there are cheap phone subscriptions available that free calling is included.

Who subscribes with one gigabyte of data, can choose this option. Texting is at most providers already unlimited, but the option to make free calls for new domestic consumers. Simple is the first to offer such a bundle. The company then used a strategy that is opposite to that of Tele2. Which two weeks ago launched its own mobile network. Tele2 offers large data bundles with high-speed 4G internet and the obligatory purchase of a phone. Simply provides precisely no subscriptions that are greater than 3 gigabytes. Purchased a unit at a discount is not possible. Also will offer Simple as yet no high-speed internet. The market for SIM-only is largely in the hands of a few players. Simple addition that New Holland (Vodafone) and Telfort and Simyo (both KPN). Tele2 does allow, but encourages its customers to make to purchase a device immediately. Read the full story in DFT Evening: "I now decide again ourselves what we do '

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