Food like a Viking is good for your brain

Food like a Viking is good for your brain

World July 18, 2017 16:21

amsterdam - The traditional Norwegian diet is good for your brain. Eating a lot of fish, fruit, rice and chicken- washed away with plenty of water and tea- helps keep your brain healthy. And, good news for the lovers, wine is allowed even if it is too small.

That concludes Swedish researchers after the eating habits of 2223 Sweden were kept under review. The subjects who were on the strict diet did significantly better in memory tests and thinking games.

In order to live healthier, the Mediterranean diet is also recommended, doctors say. Thus, scientists at the University of California concluded that consuming many vegetables and olive oil and less meat and milk products is good for your body.

Food like a Viking would reduce the risk of heart attack by almost half, Danish researchers earlier said. Regular eating of rye bread, oats and tuber vegetables such as carrots can not be harmful.

The results of both studies were recently presented at an Alzheimer's conference in London. There, Doctor Maria Carrillo said that even small changes in a diet can already help to make your heart or brain healthier. 'Healthy food helps us to prevent dementia. Antioxidants clean the brain and help the brain to keep healthy. '

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