Flying military North Korea shot down

World November 13, 2017 10:15

seoul - A North Korean military was shot by North Korean soldiers during his flight to South Korea. The military was found on the southern side of Panmunjom border village, about 50 meters south of the demarcation line. He was injured on his shoulder and elbow, said the South Korean Ministry of Defense.

The military has passed from a North Korean waiting station in the neighborhood. 'Because it's an area that has been exposed to the north, we had to crawl it to get him away,' the spokesman added. There was no direct response to the incident from North Korea.

On average, a thousand North Koreans travel to South Korea a year, but most of them travel through China. It is rare for a North Korean to cross the border between the two Koreans. The last time was in June.

South and North Korea are still in a formal state of war since their conflict in the 1950s-1953 ended in a truce and not in a peace treaty.

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