'Flooding Officer 'lingered in Barbados

'Flooding Officer 'lingered in Barbados

World December 30, 2015 11:21

amsterdam - Severe weather, what storm? While large parts of northern England and south-west Scotland for the second time in a week time are white, the top official in charge of limiting flood damage has yet to return from vacation.

         Sir Philip Dilley flew at Christmas, when Eve storm did its destructive work, 'just' to Barbados to celebrate there with family vacation. New storm warnings that Frank would strike in the same area were the boss of the British Environment Agency no reason to return post-haste. 'We are in regular contact with him, and he does all the discussions with it,' his collaborators showed Tuesday yet know.
Only today, while heavy rain and wind the counties of North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire scourge, Sir Philip comes back to the UK.
That he was so late shows again is remarkable, because Dilley upon his appointment had just promised to be more active than its predecessor. Who traveled in 2013 after six weeks off to an overflow area in Somerset. Sir Philip, in July 2014 against a parliamentary committee: 'The track (. 100 to 000 pounds per year, red) is one of two days a week. But if there is a crisis, but I will work for six days. '

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