'Flevoland has the least culture to offer'

'Flevoland has the least culture to offer'

World September 13, 2017 08:54

amsterdam - Flevoland has the least to offer from all provinces in the field of culture; North Holland has the richest offer. Furthermore, Brabant is the sports province and Utrecht has the most sporty sports offer. This is evidenced by the Free Trade Marking Research, developed by a brand consulting firm with the University of Amsterdam.

The study (under 7850 people) examined the social support of all Dutch cultural institutions, day attractions, events and sports organizations. Residents are questioned about their own province.

Half of the most popular leisure destinations are located in the northern provinces, with the Elfsted tour. Among the inhabitants of Drenthe, the support for Memorial Camp Kamp Westerbork and the new Wildlands zoo are large. Groningers love their Martinitores.

For North Hollanders Artis is the most important leisure activity. In Brabant, the Efteling is more important than carnival, according to the research.

According to the researchers, the province of Flevoland has to worry. 'From other research, Flevoland is always the least attractive province from the bus. The youngest province has the image of a sleeping crown, which leaves you to work and recreate. The Oostvaardersplassen are indeed an iron-free leisure brand, but the province also needs cultural icons to get a more attractive image. '

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