Fires California largely under control

Fires California largely under control

World June 29, 2016 16:51

- The violent conflagrations in the nature of central California are largely under control. The many professional firefighters and volunteers were Wednesday managed to dig sand courses around 60 percent of the affected area in Lake Isabella, about 180 kilometers north of Los Angeles.

'Erskine' as the fire is called, is one of the largest and most devastating of its kind in the state, partly caused by an early heat wave in the summer season. So far went in a week over 180 square kilometers in flames. More than 250 homes burned to the ground off. Most residents were able to flee in time, two people were killed.

Some 1,800 men contested the fire. That can be done by the possible high winds scattered flare up again in the parched grass, bushes and undergrowth so the work is determined not to. Help can come from the weather. There is 20 percent chance that it will rain in the area, but that may be accompanied by thunder and lightning, which could bring new misery.
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