Firefighters eat rescued piglets

Firefighters eat rescued piglets

World August 24, 2017 10:03

wiltshire - A British farmer whose pigs were saved by a fire a few months ago, has now served the animals to the group of firemen. She made sausages and gave the sprinklers their well-deserved heroic meal.

When a pig barn broke in the British county Wiltshire in February, some piglets and two sows could be saved. The owner of the biological pork ranch, Rachel Rivers, promised to pull the accused firefighters on sausages if the pigs were to be slaughtered in a few months. And so it happened. Six months later, she invited the men for a barbecue. They were in the party with the party, but not everyone could appreciate the action of Rivers.

The farmers and firefighters were typed by local animal rights organizations. The British farmer understands that not everyone is happy with her gestures, but stresses that she is running a pig farm where the animals are kept for their flesh. 'We give the piglets the best time they can have. They can play outside and get organic food. Then they are slaughtered. '

The piglets were only two weeks old when they were rescued by fire brigades. 'I told the men all the time that I would treat them later on sausages,' said Rivers.

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