Firefighter liberates genus sportsman

Firefighter liberates genus sportsman

World September 16, 2017 12:51

worms - An over-enthusiastic German man tried for three hours to get his penis out of a weight of 2.5 kilograms. Eventually, the fire brigade had to come, but it was also sitting with the hands in the hair.

The workout did not work properly, and at the hospital, doctors could not do anything with weight: that was very heavy, and the man's gender was not going to relax. All middle hand did not get his mind down.

In order to counsel the doctors called the fire department. It was initially also shaky, but it was possible to remove the heavy dirt disc with a crochet grinder, pneumatic saw and a hydraulic shear.

After three hours, the man and the firefighters could breathe safely. 'How delicate the work of our firemen can be, is apparent from the slightly strange report that came to the alarm room today', wrote the firefighter on Facebook.

The fire department advises not to follow this 'full body workout'. Other teams may be less gentle, one writes.

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