Fire destroyed England's oldest hotel

Fire destroyed England's oldest hotel

World October 29, 2016 12:33

exeter - The oldest hotel in England is no more. A fire that began Friday, the Royal Clarence Exeter ashes. The BBC spent Saturday in image that the facade began to crumble. The 'Royal' disappeared first. Police said the fire is now under control. With a drone will examine the state of the construction of the building.

The inferno was caused by a break in the main pipeline. When it finally managed to shut off the flow, can be salvaged little more. More than a hundred firefighters contested fire with heavy equipment. Because gas was escaping, that was a long time impossible. Surrounding buildings were preserved.

The Royal Clarence was built in 1769 and was entitled to according to historian Todd Gray in 1827 as the first in England 'hotel' call. It involved travelers shelter in hostels, guest houses or monasteries.

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