Fingerprints Rembrandt found

Fingerprints Rembrandt found

World November 21, 2018 14:32

london - Sotheby's auction house in London thinks that two of Rembrandt's fingerprints were found on an oil painting that made the master of a young man. It seems to be printing his thumb. They were found in the original coat of paint, in a lower corner of the painting, under overcoating and varnish layers.

The discovery was made during recent research and recovery. That the prints are really from Rembrandt is difficult to prove at all: no fingerprints of the Dutch master are known. But according to Sotheby's CEO George Gordon it is 'very credible' that they are from Rembrandt himself.

The auction house brings the small portrait of the young man, who would represent Jesus, on the 5th of December under the hammer and expects that it will yield a small seven million euros.

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