'Fifteen male survivors 9/11 have breast cancer'

'Fifteen male survivors 9/11 have breast cancer'

World September 5, 2018 12:16

new york - At least fifteen men around the 9/11 attack near the World Trade Center have contracted breast cancer.

According to the New York Post, Jeff Flynn, who worked at Goldman Sachs when the planes crashed into the towers, is one of the victims. The 65-year-old account manager worked for months in the neighborhood of Ground Zero to get the bank back on its feet.

Ten years later he discovered a lump in his chest. Jeff ignored the signals. 'I did not even know that men could get breast cancer'. Eventually he went to a doctor and a very advanced form was determined. After treatment he was declared clean, but three years later it was hit again.

'I am convinced that I am sick by 9/11 For months I have inhaled that mess,' he tells the Post. 'No one has this disease in my family.

He had to retire early because he could no longer work

Law firm Barasch McGarry has now collected fifteen men who will jointly file a claim. According to him, the number of fifteen is statistically unlikely to be large. Five of his clients are fire or police officers. Others are survivors of the attack.

Among the victims is tri-athlete John Mormondo (51) an employee of a stock trader. 'There is a huge chance that my illness is linked to 9/11,' says the American who is now on the chemo.

According to the Post, 10,000 cancer cases in New York are already linked to the attack. More than 1700 people would have died.

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