FBI will identify police violence

FBI will identify police violence

World October 14, 2016 10:09

- The FBI begins after the New Year with a pilot project to identify the police force in the United States. The form in this way national database with detailed and accurate information about the use of violence is essential to restore confidence between the population and law enforcement. That Attorney Loretta Lynch said Thursday in include the Washington Post.

Because it often lacks a full description of what exactly happened, it is difficult to assess whether the police during an action has or has not shot or other violence used correctly. It is also unclear whether the recent years has increased or that the media pay more attention to it alone.

Since the youthful Michael Brown in Ferguson in 2014 by police bullets was killed, the US has been rocked by a series of similar incidents. Not infrequently were unarmed African Americans victims. That led to a storm of protest and mass demonstrations.

Because there are many different agencies in the country, collecting Central reliable data is not easy. In specialized lawyers have citizenship according to the New York Times criticized the FBI project Lynch since the passing of the facts by local police commissioners is voluntary part. It is not known what penalties are there to ensure that the use of force is actually reported.

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