FBI picks up ex-marine for plans

World December 23, 2017 05:42

modesto - The FBI picked up a 26-year-old ex-marine from Modesto on Friday to prepare for an attack in San Francisco. On Christmas Day, the American wanted to attack Pier 39 in the name of Islamic State (IS).

The man had the pier in mind because he knew it well and it is a busy tourist attraction. Through an undercover agent the FBI came behind the plans of the man. The former Marine thought the secret agent was in contact with IS and hoped to get material for him to make a bomb.

During a house search on Friday, the police found weapons, a farewell letter and his will. Enough to pick up the man who is suspected of supporting a terrorist organization.

According to American media, the man doubted whether he should continue the plan for the attack. In the meantime, however, the FBI had enough evidence to pick up the man.

The police discovered three hand weapons and four pieces of fireworks in the man's house. A manifesto was also found in which US President Donald Trump was attacked on his decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The man would have been inspired by the October attack in New York where a truck was entering a crowd with eight deaths as a result. The man also drove around in a truck himself.

The 26-year-old ex-marine got the title of sniper after training for the US Navy in 2009. Because he had not indicated that he suffers from asthma, he was later discharged. The man would have converted to Islam.

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