Father who hit the son 12-fold skull fracture during game FIFA 10 years in the cell

World November 20, 2017 10:42

- A 22-year-old man from the Belgian Westende has ten years in the cell because his son last year a twelvefold skull fracture hit. He did that when he was playing a game of FIFA on his PlayStation last year. His then two months old son did not want to stop crying.

On September 4 last year the stoppers of the Westendaar completely struck. Bram L. gave the boy a punch on the head. That resulted in a twelvefold skull fracture. A month earlier, D. had thrown the baby roughly in a chair.

The boy was in mortal danger for a moment but recovered in a specialized institution. He now resides in a foster family. It is not yet clear whether there is permanent injury.

The court in Bruges ruled Monday that Bram L. did not want to kill his child, according to Het Laatste Nieuws. However, the judge ruled that the father must go into the cell because of inhuman treatment of his son.

He must also pay a provisional compensation of 25,000 euros.

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