Father Sharleyne complains about 'state secrecy'

Father Sharleyne complains about 'state secrecy'

World April 20, 2017 21:27

highway - The father of the deceased girl Sharleyne Remouchamps has to file a complaint with secretary Stef Blok (Security and Justice) on the confidentiality of his daughter's research file.

Dar confirms his lawyer S├ębas Diekstra Thursday evening. On behalf of the father, he called for the investigation file on Sharleyne's death, calling on the Public Administration Act. That WOB request was partially rejected because parts of the so-called OM journal were classified as 'state secret'.

The eight-year-old Sharleyne came to death in suspicious circumstances in June 2015 after a nightfall from the tenth floor of an apartment building in Hoogeveen. Never has come to see if the girl has fallen, jumped or thrown. The court in Leeuwarden has instructed it to instruct the mother to prosecute last month because there is a reasonable suspicion that the mother was involved in the death of Sharleyne.

The Public Prosecutor said in a statement Thursday the commotion that was created by regretting 'state secrecy' was deplored. According to the OM, 'totally unnecessary' is stated that the journal has that status. This classification has to do with the security level of the information, according to the OM.

According to Diekstra, the press release of the OM states that the classification of state secrecy is improperly and unauthorized for cases which have caused commotion, for example, and publicly sensitive issues. 'There is no sense of secrecy,' he says.

According to him, the file on Sharleyne does not prove to be a threat to state security. 'It seems strong that you have something to hide. The OM has a lot to explain, 'said Diekstra.

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