Father hits 'too Western' daughter with extension cord

Father hits 'too Western' daughter with extension cord

World March 27, 2018 11:39

kortrijk - A 40-year-old man had to answer to the court in Kortrijk on Tuesday because he had beaten his daughter with an extension cord. According to him, she behaved 'too Western'.

On May 29, 2016, the wife of Y. G. called the police because her husband was beating their underage daughter with a cord. When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed that the man had summoned his daughter to undress and that after the strikes with the cord he wanted to send her to the street. She had come home too late and had money with him, whose father wanted to know the origin. His wife and son also received blows.

The case happened a few months ago, but the court had asked for an investigation into 'the environment' of the accused. Suspect G. Y. however did not show up. He had to work every time, was his defense.

The man has known guilt and believes that it happened only once and that there are no more problems.

The Belgian Public Prosecutor demands 20 months in prison, part of which is conditional, because of this 'inhumane treatment'. The defense mainly wants to keep the client out of prison and also calls for a conditional sentence with 'guidance'. The man said he was certainly prepared for that.

The verdict is April 17.

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