Fatal crash in acid lake by paddle

Fatal crash in acid lake by paddle

World November 17, 2016 10:42

cheyenne - The 23-year-old Colin Scott, who died last June when he fell into the toxic, acidic water from a geyser in the US Yellowstone Park'd just like to paddle.

The man had despite warnings to leave the trail and ended up in the red-hot spring water. His sister, who was with him when the accident happened, did not fall and hit the alarm.

Although rushed rescuers sawing float the body of the young American, they could not start a rescue because of the bad weather. When they returned the next morning, there was no trace of Colin. It is believed that his body because of the acidic water is completely dissolved.

The famous national park in the state of Wyoming is often wrong because visitors leave the path. So were a man and his 13 year old son still burns when the father tripped and fell into a hot spring.

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