Family deaf and dumb girl found after 12 years

Family deaf and dumb girl found after 12 years

World October 15, 2015 20:30

- A deaf mute Indian girl who took to Pakistan twelve years ago by accident the train finally back to her family .

Geeta was eleven when she was alone and disoriented found in the train that had just driven across the border. She was taken in by an aid organization , and settled in Lahore. Meanwhile tried to figure out the charity where she came from , reports the Indian channel NDTV .

That quest for years did not succeed , but was given new impetus by a movie that came out this year a Pakistani girl who is stranded in India . The now 23 -year-old Geeta became deeply emotional by the film and contacted the protagonist . This created so much publicity that the Indian government promised that her family would be found . The woman was sent numerous pictures of possible relatives , until recently her father , step-mother , five brothers and her sister knew . According to her father, she is actually called Heera and she got all that time ago mislaid during a market.

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