Facebook testing offline News Feed

Facebook testing offline News Feed

Tech December 10, 2015 10:49

- Facebook wants Newsfeed accessible to users who are temporarily offline or have a slow internet connection. The company is currently testing this possibility, which is primarily intended for new users in emerging markets, according to a blog post Wednesday.

" People come online quickly in emerging markets, and in most cases they do so on mobile phones over 2G connections ", that is the blog post. " To improve Newsfeed so that it works well and fast for people in all parts of the world, we focus on a design that works well regardless of the device or the Internet. "Currently Newsfeed does not load when logging in with a slow connection. The idea is that Facebook now to a user with a slow or no connection shows the most recent and relevant posts that have already downloaded but not yet viewed. Once the connection is restored, the new stories are loaded.It has long been possible to find old posts fun while you're offline. Also allows users without Internet recently comment under posts, which is placed as soon as a network again.

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