Facebook launches pilot project with shop section

Facebook launches pilot project with shop section

Tech October 13, 2015 13:53

- Facebook wants to make its platform attractive as a shopping paradise. Besides the buy button that was introduced last year , the social network is now adding a shopping section to its mobile application.

For now will only Facebook users in North America find the new section. The offer will be tailored to their interests and find Thumbs Up. Only a limited number of US retailers taking part in the experiment. The shopping area is accessible via the menu wherever Events and groups are available.

Furthermore, Facebook introduced a new ad format that lets users get the picture catalog of the retailer via a click on the ad. The feature is designed to allow users to quickly find the right item on Facebook instead of having them go to the site of the retailer.

Right now retailers have still to be no percentage of sales that have gone through Facebook. Facebook hopes the store features to gain more insight into what people are buying, so they allow retailers to advertise effectively on the platform.

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