Facebook launches Internet satellite

Facebook launches Internet satellite

Tech September 2, 2016 03:42

- Facebook launches this week a satellite to improve Internet access in rural areas of Africa south of the Sahara. That Mark Zuckerberg Wednesday in the Nigerian capital Lagos said. According to the Facebook boss will Satellite '' connectivity beam down '.

Facebook last year opened its first African office in Johannesburg. It closed when a contract with Eutelsat to launch the satellite. With this satellite Facebook wants to get more users in parts of Africa who do not have Internet access. Although Internet via satellite is usually an expensive option, Zuckerberg said he wants to access cheap. '' It's not worth it to have the infrastructure and people can not afford to use it. ''

Facebook has in Africa south of the Sahara, 84 million users. Worldwide there are 1.7 billion.
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Earlier Facebook Facebook Lite came anyway to access users with a slow connection. The company is working on drones on solar energy, which just needs to improve as the satellite connection in sparsely populated areas without the necessary infrastructure.

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