Facebook helped choose registration USA

Facebook helped choose registration USA

World October 13, 2016 08:51

sacramento - Thanks to Facebook, many Americans registered as voters for the upcoming presidential election. US users in September, a call to register. That led to a spike in registrations, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

In California, the largest state, the appeal of Facebook was first seen on 23 September. That same day reported more than 123 000 voters in one of the highest numbers ever. Even states like Indiana, Minnesota, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington saw a Facebook Bump '.

Facebook does not know who have registered. But Facebook has more female than male users. Moreover, there are mainly young people on the site. These are groups that generally rather vote for the Democrats. '' It is clear that the campaign Facebook has spurred a great deal of young people to register, '' said Alex Padilla, a member of the government of California.

US citizens are not eligible to vote automatically. They get their voting cards after registration.

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