Facebook attracts 50 million for Videos

Facebook attracts 50 million for Videos

Tech June 22, 2016 09:12

- Facebook certainly has $ 50 million (44 million euros) earmarked for videos for live streaming service. The company has signed contracts with nearly 140 media companies and celebrities like Kevin Hart and Gordin Ramsey for making videos.

sit under the media CNN, New York Times and Huffington Post, according to documents held by Wall Street Journal. Seventeen of the contracts are worth more than a million dollars (880 000). The best paid BuzzFeed is that more than three million dollars (2.67 million euros) gets to broadcast video live between March 2016 and March 2017's. New York Times gets a little less and CNN's contract is $ 2.5 million (2.2 million euros) worth.

In March announced Facebook to pay a number of partners for the use of the live-streaming service, to encourage media companies to create a continuous stream of live video of good quality until there is a concrete plan for other payment methods, such as sharing ad revenue. The document is not a complete list of who's teamed up with Facebook and how much money the company has earmarked a total, but it is the most complete list so far.
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