Facebook and Uber work

Facebook and Uber work

Tech December 17, 2015 22:25

- Facebook and Uber work together. Henceforth an Uber ride can be ordered from the Facebook Messenger app. That made Uber Wednesday announced in a blog post.

After users connect their account to Uber Messenger, they can order a ride from a conversation. In the latest version of Messenger is an icon of a car that can, among the already existing icons for adding such as pictures or smileys.

And through private conversation with Uber, the user informed of the status of the drive and also the receipts of the journey are concerned here afterwards. Furthermore friends through conversations are kept informed of the location of the car Uber. So they know for example, what time to arrive by car. They can be ready at the right moment when they are picked up by the same Uber ride. When users send their friends via Facebook Messenger for an address, can order them a ride at Uber simply by clicking on the address.

Last year it was announced that both companies about this potential partnership were talking. The latest version of Facebook Messenger needs to be downloaded in order to use the feature. For now, it only available in the United States.

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